About us


Who we Are

Gufasha Girls Foundation is a community-based organization in Africa founded in 2016 and is committed to promoting girls’ rights and education through advocacy, capacity building, and awareness creation.

Gufasha Girls Foundation’s history traces back to the founder Joan Kembabazi’s loss of her childhood best friend, Gufasha Maureen who was married off at 13 years, had to quit her education, experienced a difficult marriage, and lost her life during childbirth.




And due to the increased number of girls being married as children (before the age of 18) in her community as a result of inadequate access to education, poverty, negative social and cultural norms, lack of awareness of girls’ rights, and laws against child marriage, it is from here that Joan founded Gufasha Girls Foundation in memory of her late friend in 2016 to empower and change lives of girls in her community and Africa as a whole.

The Foundation was officially registered in 2021 as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) number KYG/095/21.

The Foundation works with different communities in Uganda (East Africa) having Kayunga as its model district.

Over the years, Gufasha Girls Foundation has been able to create awareness of girls’ rights and values in communities of Uganda through community-based programs and initiatives.

Our Mission

To end child marriage and empower girls and young women in Uganda through Advocacy, Capacity building and Education support.

Our Vision

A world in which every girl achieves her fullest potential and contributes to all aspects of life

Our Values

  • God-centered
  • Commitment
  • Leadership
  • Integrity