End Child Marriage

Child Marriage

End Child Marriage

Child marriage is a form of gender-based violence and a violation of Human rights yet globally 12 million girls are married off before the age of 18 years, meaning 23 girls are married off every minute and nearly 1 in 2 seconds. Despite the fact that Child marriage is illegal in Uganda, it is still widely practiced in so many districts of the country including Kayunga district and continues to rob childhoods, education, hopes and futures of so many girls. Child marriage is a big contributor to teenage pregnancies.

We advocate for an end to child marriage through;

  1. Social media activism to draw public awareness about child marriage, call upon world leaders, government and all relevant stakeholders to implement and enforce laws that protect the girl child from this vice and also prioritize investing in what works to end child marriage.

  2. Community outreaches where we sensitize, engage and educate the community on the implications of child marriage, ending social norms and girl child rights. Through this intervention, we also create safe spaces and provide psychological support to victims of child marriage and empower them to speak up and use their voices to stand up for their rights. Our dream is to see that every girl can make informed decisions for their lives and futures.

The #ReturnMyFuture Campaign

On the 11th October 2022, Gufasha Girls Foundation launched The #ReturnMyFuture campaign with the aim of calling upon World leaders to deliver the commitments and promises made towards ending child marriage and ensuring that no girl is left behind, mobilizing families and communities, including health care providers, police, religious and...

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