Support Girls' Education


Support Girls' Education

The lack of education opportunities among girls puts them at a risk of marrying and being married before the age of 18. In Uganda,8.9 million girls aged 10-19 especially those in rural areas and those that lack an education opportunity are at a risk of harmful practices including child marriage.

Education is not only a fundamental human right but also a protective factor against child marriage. When girls are in school, they are often regarded as children and not ready for marriage and every year of education attainment reduces the likelihood of girls marrying and being married off before the age of 18 and to have children during her teenage years. According to Save the Children (2018), nearly one million child marriages in Uganda could be prevented if girls get secondary education.

At Gufasha Girls Foundation, we believe Education opens doors and opportunities for girls to thrive and be able to make informed decisions for their lives.

We are committed to promoting girls’ education through;

  1. Providing scholastic materials
  2.  Advocating for safe and non-discriminative school environments. 
  3. Sensitizing parents and communities on the importance of girls’ education to increase enrollment of girls in schools.
  4. Counseling and guidance to girls to encourage them stay in schools.
  5. Sponsorships and Scholarships 
  6. Providing girls with sanitary towels to enable them stay in schools
  7. Peer-To-Peer school outreaches.
  8. Advocate for reintergration of teenage mothers